It's almost time for your session and I can't be more excited! The following information is to get you ready and prepared for your upcoming shoot I want you to have a good understanding of what to expect and to ease the nervousness that we often experience in front of the camera. Let's dive in! 

What to wear? This is one of my most frequent questions so let's get right to it. First I want to make sure that your images reflect the unique style that makes you you and your family yours. While Pinterest is an awesome tool to use for ideas, let's not get caught up on the strategically perfected outfits that seem a better fit for fantasy than true life. The following image is a favorite of mine. This Mama has 5 kids to keep up with so I'm sure that endless hours at the mall picking out perfect outfits was not going to fit in her schedule. Her kids are the wild and free type, the ones who are quick to play in the mud and soon after forage for wild berries paying no mind to their dirty little fingers while stuffing there perfect little faces. These outfits, while simple, reflect this family perfectly.  On the other hand, the mama to these beautiful children finds excitement in online shopping for her kids for picture day. She is careful to choose her color scheme. Here she chose to use teal as her primary color and in order to bring contrast she offset her scheme with different shades of blue and white. She then chose different layering clothes which is a wonderful way to bring texture into the photo. No matter what you choose just remember to have fun and let your personal style shine. Here are a few quick tips to consider when choosing your clothes:

-Choose a primary color and 1-2 more complimentary colors to work into your outfit choices.
-Spouses avoid wearing the same color. If mom is wearing a blue dress then dad should avoid wearing a shirt of the same color. Instead try a different shade of blue or completely different color. If mom is wearing a printed or patterned dress then it would compliment well for dad to choose a color from the print or pattern of moms dress for his shirt. The same applies for children. 
-To create appealing texture to your images choose clothes that can be easily layered with other clothing. Jewelry and hair pieces also create beautiful texture.
-Be comfortable in your clothes. The more comfortable you are, the more relaxed you will be and your images will reflect that. 

Props and Misc. I try to incorporate as many "natural" props in my images. I do this a lot in my nature shots by choosing trees, stumps, leaves and flowers as my props. I do, however, usually have a blanket and crate on hand for the little one's to sit on. If you have any thing specific you want to use that you have seen in my work, feel free to ask and I will bring it along. If you have any personal objects you want to incorporate in your photos, bring it along and we will work it in!  

Lights, Camera, Action. It's go time. I generally start with what I assume to be the most difficult images. If I'm shooting a large family I will most likely start with the large family shot then move on to a sibling shot and go from there. If there is a baby-toddler in the family then I will most likely start with them when we move onto individual shots. You will here me say often, Don't look at me. This is when I want you all to interact with each other, make each other giggle or hug someone tight. I want to capture some real raw interaction so I might even ask you all to just play for a few minutes, no posing just real emotion. I hardly ever stick to just one lens so bare with me as I change it often however I love bringing you different perspectives of the same moment. 

To sum it all up, let's have fun!