Goodbye California, Hello Iowa!

March 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Thank You Lake County!

My family and I had such and amazing time wintering in Lake County, CA. We stayed in a great home we booked through AirBNB called the Villa Vino in the Riviera West Neighborhood of Kelseyville. What I loved most about our winter home was getting familiar with the neighborhood. I spent many afternoons hiking up the neighborhood to get amazing views of Clearlake. I'm going to miss the turkeys visiting us every morning along with the fresh air and smell of pine and rain. It was definitely a wet winter raining probably 1/2 the time we were there but in Lake County when it rains my favorite thing to do is pack the fam in the truck and chase rainbows! It really was a great winter! 
Because of all the rain, I had several families cancel their sessions and understandably so. Several families however took a chance on the rain and didn't mind getting a bit dirty for their family photos. I can't thank these families enough. Huge thank you to all of you, I appreciate you so much! Until next time Lake County, you will be missed! Now Booking Des Moines Spring Nature and Blossom Sessions!

Not that we actually saw much of a Winter here in Des Moines but I couldn't be more ready for Spring! Spring is the time we take advantage of all the beautiful new blooms, blossoms and foliage WITHOUT the worry of POISON IVY. We don't have too long however before the tall brush and poison ivy take over pushing us to shoot on trails only. Apple blossom sessions are even more limited to about a 2 week window before the blossoms shed their pedals and new fruit can be seen. I'm now opening up my availability and booking sessions for these limited time Nature and Bloom Sessions! Contact me today to get your session scheduled. 


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