335-365 / 365 I DID IT!!!

December 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I can't believe the year is over! I set out thinking this project would be near to impossible and while I did miss several days (ok lots more than several ;D) I never gave up and I completed my first project 365! I am SO glad I stuck with it and looking back at the last year through pictures is beyond a blessing. The past year started with an extremely hard transition of moving back to Iowa after the loss of my very loved and admired Mother-in-law. Some of the toughest days of our lives followed however God is good and although our hearts hurt we were filled with His love and peace! Mid year came our beautiful Becca girl in which pretty much my project 365 turned into Becca 365, lol! I've loved documenting the days of her life and my plan is to continue until she is 1 year old. Seriously thought, it's been awesome to look back and from one photograph stems thousands of memories. Good bye 2015 and welcome 2016!

Love | Peace



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