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The last few weeks have been a 365 fail, kinda! While my camera has been sitting on the side lines most of the time, I did manage to collect a few pictures here and there. Sometimes it's just good to take a break and enjoy the moments in my life for what they are without freaking out about getting every moment on camera. With that said however, it's time to get back in the game and start clicking away. This project has been far from easy however looking back at all the days so far documented bring back so many memories that are seriously so easily forgotten. Time to capture more memories! :D

March 15 - My babes catch of the day!

March 17, He's back at it again!

March 20th - Because my big boy never makes enough appearances but I love him just the same!

March 29th - Lilly loves the kids SO SO much! I can just watch them play for hours upon hours!

March 30th - Homeschool exploration day with Uncle Carl. It's always such a blessing to see how much love Uncle Carl has for all his nieces and nephews. The kids absolutely love learning from their Uncle and have so much fun enjoying the outdoors and the simple things in life!


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